Are you a multibanker?

Managing personal or business finance across multiple banks is ineffective and cumbersome.  Despite that, multi-banking is a global trend. The EU is in a unique position with its harmonized banking system and PSD2 regulation.

Everifin gives millions of bank service consumers in Europe access to any bank through a single application, so they can benefit from the best service whoever provides it – whether a local bank from their Member State or any other bank from another SEPA country.

Such aggregation of banking services brings opportunities for further innovation – direct instant payments without the necessity to use card associations, management of investments, crypto-assets or other non-financial assets at the same application.


  • Stage 1 Aggregating PSD2 APIs into a single API
  • Stage 2 GUI for universal e-banking services focused on usability
  • Stage 3 E-bills sent to and paid from e-banking
  • Stage 4 Direct real-time payments without the card associations network
  • Stage 5+ Comparison/personalized suggestion of the best mix of banking products in the EU, automated investment advisory and more


Time to Market
We focus on technology which enables aggregation in banking through APIs. It is designed for machines which brings faster, more secure and much more effective development of aggregations. Our unique IT architecture makes it super easy to bring in additional bank APIs. Most competitors rely on screen scraping – controversial and sub-optimal technique based on mining data from web pages through GUI, interface designed for humans.

UX Design and Development as core Competence
We don't build and hope it will be accepted - we know it in advance. In UEC, as freelancers, but also privately as customers, we have seen and even designed many e-banking systems and related financial solutions. Our team has always been very close to the customer. We can bring much better user experience and more disruptive financial products than the established banking service providers.

Focus on Efficiency
Our operations are highly automated. Proprietary & time tested design processes result in zero re-implementation.

Entering the market

STAGE 1 API Aggregator

Addressable market: ~ 6’500 credit institutions in the EU, investment advisors, credit insurance providers, other FinTechs

STAGE 2 GUI for universal e-banking services focused on usability

Addressable B2C market: multi-bankers in EEA 120M users Early B2C adopters: 12.5M people living in a Member state other than their country of citizenship, people with more households, frequent travelers, small business owners

STAGE 3 e-bills sent to and paid from e-banking

Addressable B2C market: same as Stage 2 Addressable B2B market: companies/ governments issuing bills


Jana Maleckova

Jana Maleckova Business development,
project management

Co-founder of Usability Engineering Center, delivered UX projects for Intesa Sanpaolo, Pfizer, Wyeth, Zurich Insurance Group, number of others

Pavol Vallo

Pavol Vallo UX design, information architecture
and usability testing

Worked on online projects for Dell, Pfizer, Wyeth, Sygic, number of banks, startups, partner at Usability Engineering Center

Juraj Malecka

Juraj Malecka IT Architect, Business Analyst
and IT project management

Worked as a consultant in banking
and insurance, co-founder of Usability Engineering Center

Everifin team

Michal Gregor

Backend Developer
Implemented treasury management systems for ECB, Deutsche Bundesbank, De Nederlandsche Bank.

Radovan Kuka

Front&Backend Developer
Worked for start-ups focusing on modern web technologies.

Jozef Bury

Marketing Specialist
Creates marketing strategies for variety of companies. He is a speaker, consultant & a Google Certified Trainer.

Vladimira Mataseova

Talented and inspirational, caring for every design detail.

Anton Kohutovic

Development Lead
Experienced in leading developer teams of large real-time online applications.

Juraj Lorinc

Creates prototypes of all design screens.

EU Flag
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 867834